The  Cableway in Tiantangzhai is 1500 meters long in total, and its vertical height is 450 meters. It starts from the third waterfall Xieyu of the waterfall group, and ends at Tianping Sky Screen) Summit with an altitude of 1650 meters, which is also the border of Anhui Province and Hubei Province. Since it was operated, the cableway has worked more than 50 thousand hours safely.
Setting a cableway in the air makes cliffs an available way. It only takes 25 minutes to pass from Xieyu Waterfall to the mountain’s summit Tianping Peak, during which visitors can take a close view of the Fair Lady Waterfall, Silver Bow Waterfall, Azalea Plain, Oriental White Oak Plain and Indocalamus Plain; while enjoy a far view of White Horse Peak, Heart Shape Stone and Dragon Sword Peak. The Cableway goes between the blue sky and white clouds, flying over green seas of forests. You will feel relaxed and fancy-free to enjoy the clouds at hand, cool breeze blowing to your face, and scan widely the impregnable pass and overlook the graceful waterfall group. The unique sight of Tiantangzhai in Anhui is full in sight, and that’s beyond beauty.
It is just right to say: to view the best sight of Tiantangzhai, the immortals also favors the cableway.