Tiantang Landscape

2012-4-26 Source:

Jian Tianshui drifting at the hinterland of the Dabie Mountains in Anhui Province, the national forest park at the foot of Tiantangzhai, the entire 3.8 km, the relative gap between Bai Yumi, a small pool of more than 10 months Longtan, the shock set, extraordinary and dangerous, as one interest, both thrilling To stimulate the exploration drift, and intended to eliminate man's heart happy leisure drift. Xiang Pifa streams in the ups and downs, advance triumphantly, A Better Tomorrow show, so that you challenge nature in confidence, full of courage. Gently rippling stream, Liu Lin in the shuttle, the two sides Jade, playing small fish in the water, beautiful rural scenery, is full of poetic, but also to enjoy the pier rats, 10 minutes stone, stone sea lions, turtles, and other stone for the Seven Wonders of nature, so that your music and Wang You, Lian favorite stream.