Tiantangzhai area: the "red" and "green" tourism development of the total value

2017-3-25 Source:

In December 2004, the Dabie Mountains red tourism as an important section, the Central Office of the State Council General Office of the establishment of 12 national Red one of the tourist areas, the theme for the image of "a thousand miles leap forward, General hometown." Tiantangzhai as a scenic tourist area of the Red Mountain an important part of the cleverly red tourism and eco-tourism together, promote each other and add radiance to each other and promote the development of the Tiantangzhai travel quickly. Set Tiantangzhai National Forest Park, National Nature Reserve, National Geopark in Anhui Province and one in scenic spots, the main peak of 1729.13 meters above sea level, the second peak for the Dabie Mountains, Gu Cheng, "the first south-east of Wu-Chu Kwan." Tiantangzhai intact forest ecosystems, forest cover 96.5 percent, the Department of East China was the last virgin forests, scenic areas within Qingshanxiushui, fresh air, Qi mountains, hanging silver waterfall, there are 1881 kinds of higher plants, 195 kinds of vertebrates, Is a rare piece of the tourism and leisure resort. In recent years, the Tiantangzhai area based on ecological resources, make full use of the Dabie Mountains red tourism resources, and actively developing red tourism. The first scientific presentation tourist routes, the introduction of "red" and "green" combination of tourism products, make unremitting efforts to promote "Hefei - Lu'an (Lu'an Revolutionary History Museum) - Jinzhai (Jinzhai Revolutionary History Museum) - Tiantangzhai" tourism Line, so that visitors ask this up but unfortunately, feel the spirit of the Dabie Mountains; tiantangzhai Second, we must vigorously promote the combination of red and green tourism products. Jiangsu by inviting the industry to step on the line Tiantangzhai, ordinary tourists for the first swim-with Nanjing as well as the tour groups enter into contracts and so on a variety of marketing methods, the majority of tourists to highlight the "Red Mountain Tour", to attract A large number of tourists visit the Dabie Mountains, Tiantangzhai;