The latest international technology cableway settled in Heaven Village

2017-4-15 Source:

 Anhui Heaven Village cableway reconstruction project was started in 2014, approved by the State Forestry Administration, in mid November 2016 to start construction. The single cycle is currently the most advanced detachable grips 8 car ropeway (the detachable cableway), the car is closed, a ropeway safety and comfort will greatly enhance the tourism.

After the transformation of the cable length of 2300 meters, up and down station elevation of 630 meters, a total of 3 sites. Under the cableway station located in the tiger line east parking lot, visitors can tour bus station is located in the former cableway reaching the peak, diarrhea jade waterfall site is located in the former days, on screen peak location, the design capacity of 2500 / hour, effectively enhance the scenic tour experience.

The ropeway equipment supplier for the French at Jiashi cableway Co. Ltd., is the largest in the world, and the completion of the project, the largest cable type technology is the most advanced professional cable group. Cable lines and equipment installed by the Tai'an City cable installation company organization, cableway station house and ancillary engineering from the Anhui province of Heaven Village Tourism Development Co., self organization commissioned the design and construction.

At present, the project has completed the erection of the cargo line, has now begun to transport the gravel to the cableway station. The foundation of the cableway has been excavated, and the surface soil of the foundation has been completed. The basic design drawings of POMA company have been delivered to the construction unit. The next step is the precise excavation of the foundation.

The project construction period of 15 months, is expected to be used in the early delivery of new cableway in early 2018, put into operation.