Tiantangzhai appeared in the "Mountain in Anhui Province "

2017-2-25 Source:

    April 18, 2007, in the province Continuation of the "Anhui Zhi", the province will be famous as a separate volume into the province of Chi. Tiantangzhai Mountain in Anhui Province 15 ranked No. 7, had the privilege to write-zhi, Anhui Province. According to the compilation of requests, Chi Shan Shan by the authorities responsible for the preparation of corresponding tasks, a separate chapter, with volume for. An overview of each set, scenic, cultural, arts, tourism facilities in five parts. Xiu Zhi Gong in the mountains that will benefit future generations, is a name containing the annals of history, landscape and the co-existence of the story rather than the event, in order to do a good job in the compilation, Tiantangzhai Administration to use it as an important task. First of all, to set up a committee to codify tiantangzhai Chi, from the experimental anti-poverty Tiantangzhai Tourism deputy director of the district management committee, director of the Office tiantangzhai served as director of the Tang Yulong, deputy director of the Office tiantangzhai Gui served as first deputy director of the group, from the Office tiantangzhai , Tiantangzhai Tourism Development Corporation scenic drawn 4 of the elite force composed of members of the editorial board. This was followed by the dispatch to strengthen. Chi Mountain will be published at the end of this year, the tight schedule, the task is arduous, major responsibilities, the AP said to overcome the difficulties, for efficient and effective completion of the compilation of the work of local records. Third, high levels of codification. The Local Records for Tiantangzhai is the first time, the compilation process will be digging deep connotations of the Tiantangzhai prominent feature of the Tiantangzhai force, God, written in the air, to do the right point of view, the correct style of writing, Detailed information on the real-funded rule of play, and keep the history of education. From early August to present, the manuscript has completed more than 10 words.