Paradise town six measures simultaneously to prepare for the May Day holiday

2017-4-26 Source:

 To do a good job during the May Day holiday of the tourism reception work, heaven Zhaizhen early planning and early publicity, early preparation, and constantly improve the service system, optimize the reception environment, strengthening management and tourism services, actively preparing for the May Day holiday.

Arrange the work ahead of schedule, compaction work responsibilities. Held a special meeting to 51 small holiday tourism work arrangements, small holiday tourism market regulation, production safety, environmental arrangement, personnel training, quality improvement, social security and other special inspection of the rectification work, the travel arrangements in advance during the holiday tour, the requirements of the relevant units to do the ideological understanding, organizational arrangements in place work, measures are in place to implement in place, do not stay dead, to prevent all kinds of accidents.

Implement safety responsibility to ensure travel safety. Firmly establish the "safety first" and "the tourism safety responsibility consciousness, weightier than Mount Tai" to overcome the paralysis of thought and luck, strictly implement the regulatory responsibility department, holiday travel safety and corporate responsibility, government leadership responsibility and work responsibilities. The issuance of "Heaven Zhai Zhen 51 small holiday tourism plan", actively organize to carry out safety inspections of transportation hub, tourist hub, tourist attractions, hotels, travel agencies, the farmhouse and recreation facilities, promptly eliminate safety hazards, implement the safety responsibility system, to ensure the holiday travel safety.

To carry out joint inspection and standardize market order. The organization of tourism, public security, transportation, safety supervision, supervision and administrative law enforcement, fire control, water supply, power supply, communication, finance and other related departments, strictly administering the journey, to strengthen the supervision and management, joint law enforcement efforts to increase the quality of tourism services and tourism market supervision and standardize the order of the tourism market, and actively carry out comprehensive inspection activities, to crack down on illegal behavior all kinds of tourism, disrupt the tourism market order rectification activities, tourism enterprises and guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of tourists and promote the healthy development of the tourism market.

Strengthen training and education, improve service level. Organization of the tourism related units to actively learn "tourism law", "security law", "Tourism Management Regulations", tourism safety laws and regulations, work skills training to carry out fire safety, food safety, service skills, service with a smile and so on various aspects, guide tourism enterprises to enhance safety awareness, sense of integrity, strengthen self-discipline, standardize service behavior. Improve the emergency management mechanism, improve emergency response plans, and constantly improve the emergency rescue, security, quality of service and other aspects of the ability.

Provide public services to facilitate travel needs. The establishment of tourism information service platform, through radio, SMS, network, WeChat, micro-blog, forums and other media, transportation, accommodation, catering, release of meteorological and health service information release, scenic parking lot vehicle information, temporary parking lot set information, and forecast of tourists tourists shunt flow changes, guide the tourists travel peak, reasonable arrange tourist activities. Improve the emergency plan to ensure that the small holiday travel peak tourists do not congestion, not stranded, smooth and orderly travel activities. Timely release of meteorological changes, do a good job due to natural disasters, traffic congestion and other reasons for the detention of tourists stranded and evacuation of emergency treatment.

To carry out duty on duty and strengthen coordination. To strengthen the organization and coordination during the holiday, strictly enforce the 24 hours duty system and the leadership class system, guarantee the smooth flow of information, to prevent all kinds of accidents, in case of major accidents and accidents, timely report within the prescribed time limit. Publish travel consultation, telephone complaints to the public, visitors to answer the serious problem, timely and properly handle the various kinds of complaints from tourists, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, guide the integrity management of tourism enterprises, the advocacy of the tourists and rational consumption, improve the degree of civilization of various types of tourism activities.