Green Tiantangzhai Three-day Tour

2012-5-30 Source:

 Day 1:In the morning, travelers go to the national AAAA grade scenic spot--Tiantangzhai. After lunch, you visit the Front Headquarter of Liu Bocheng and Deng Xiaoping's Troops Boldly Driving into Dabie Mountains to understand this arduous journey and the glorious history. So the travelers can have a better awareness of the revolutionary traditions. In the evening, the travelers stay in Tiantangzhai.  
 Day 2:After breakfast, travelers go to visit the last piece of primitive forest in East China——the main scenic area of Tiantangzhai ( for 5 hours): the main scenic spots include: Nine Shadow Waterfall, Valentine Waterfall, Spilled Jade Waterfall, Dragon Sword Peak, Woodlands Corridor, Lookout Mountain, Stone Buddha, Lion Whistled across the Sky, Whale Out of the Sea, White Elephant Playing in the Water, etc.. You can embrace the waterfalls while walking on the plank road among forest, and enjoy the natural oxygen bar formed by the primitive forest. You can feel the invigoration of high mountain and fresh wind, and have a bird's eye view of the spectacular picture of Anhui Province. After lunch, travelers go to visit the Dabie Mountain National Geological Park and Nanhe Ancient Buildings, Huangs’ Ancestral Hall, Dragonscale Odd-shaped Bamboos, and old rural buildings.
 Day 3:After lunch, travelers visit the White Horse Grand Canyon area ( 3.5 hours): Taking a cableway to White Horse Peak Plank, travelers can experience the excitement of high cliff, the twists and turns of mountain, and appreciate the odd and extraordinary scenery, strike the clock of the earthly paradise, enjoy the magnificent view of Dabie Mountain. Then travelers go to visit the Joint Tan, Kowloon, Natural Castle, the Prancing Horse Bridge, Fairy Residence, Twists of Dragon Eyes, Valentine's Island and other attractions. Travelers can have a close contact in the canyon with the clear water and experience the autumn colorful canyon in Dabie Mountains,. After lunch, travelers return.