The Waterfall of Nine Shadows

2012-5-30 Source:

It is 71 meters high, and about 8 meters wide, the water falling on the regular basis. Its formation is caused by the divergence of the rock elements and the fault effect. At the bottom of the waterfall, the monzonitic granite in the form of the rock bed is inserted into the granite of hornblende plagiogneiss (a technical terms of geology). Down the waterfall, there is a deep pond, the surface covering 50 square meters.  All the year it never dries. The fall that forms a water-made curtain pours down with a loud sound. On watching this fall, you can have a full understanding of Li Bai’s famous poem “the fall cascades from the 3.000 Chi above, people seem to be suspicious that the Milky Way falls down the ground”. Near this area, the amount of ozone ion in the atmosphere is quite massive. This area is an ideal place for natural bathing in the forest. On winter days, this fall hangs before the mountain, looked like a white curtain. At the two sides of the curtain, the pearl chains made up of the numerous ice beads hang up. On the top of the curtain, the “lines” composed of massive ice columns hang up, looked like the holy, simple and graceful palace in the heaven.