The Plank Road of the White Horse Peak

2012-5-30 Source:

The Plank Road of the White Horse Peak commences from the Great White Horse Canyon, zigzags upward, and finally reaches the peak of the White Horse Peak, of which the whole length is 3366 meters, and the attitude difference is 800 meters. It’s built against the crags with wood boards. As far as the length and attitude difference as well as the precipice are concerned, it is the sole interest place in East China.
 Seen from far, it is like a dragon climbing along the White Horse Peak, crossing heavy woods; it is more like a ribbon dancing on the White Horse Peak. Climbing over the steps, you feel sweaty over the whole body, but pleasant. When you reach the place named “Feet on the earth and hands touching the sky”, you can overlook all the mountains below and feel yourself glorious and fancy-free.
 The Plank Road of the White Horse Peak is the right place for you to exercise, to strengthen your spirit and relax yourself, and communicate with nature.