Tiantangzhai in the Midst of High Mountains and Blue Waters

2012-5-30 Source:

  “The mountains are crowded with forests, Waterfalls hang there like milky way falling; Dells are full of clouds and fogs, Pine trees are there hanging on the cliffs.” Depicted in this poem is no other than the distinguished national forest park---Tiantangzhai.’ 
 Tiantangzhai is located in the southwest of Jinzhai County, Anhui Province, which is meeting Hubei Province. And it is like a star shining over Wu-Chu region. Characterized with quirk peaks, waterfalls, forests, valleys, clouds and deep pools, she is a national tourist attraction and awarded such titles as national AAAA rank scenic spot, national forest park, and state reserve, national geopark, with a total area of 120 square kilometers.  
 Tiantangzhai used to be called “Mount of Clouds” in history. In the scenery area, throughout the year, there are clouds covering the peaks, decorated with waterfalls flying downwards. Its summit is 1729.13 meters in attitude, and it is one of the main peaks in the Dabie Mountains, with an ancient name “the No. One Mountain Fortress in the Southeast of Wu-Chu”. The park ranks No. 1 among China’s national parks in forest coverage (96.5%) and its forest is known as the last virgin forest in East China. The park’s 108 steps of waterfalls are also rare in East China for its different styles and figures. 
 Tiantangzhai has cherished the idea of “ecological protection, sequential development, primordial cherishment and presentation of nature.” Thriving on the resources of “natural ecology, revolutionary history and folk culture”, Tiantangzhai has attracted tourists from all around China by developing such programs as ecological tour, leisure tour, vacation tour, adventure tour, science popularization tour, fit-keeping tour, ethnic tour and patriotism education tour. The cableway runs across three peaks and two mountain streams. On the cableway, one can enjoy the fairyland-like feeling of flying in the air in the midst of clouds. The museum in the National Geopark of Dabie Mountains is the ideal place for tourists to widen their horizon and admire the infinite charm of the world of nature. The White Horse Canyon, washed by the joined flow of several waterfalls, is the origin of the Huaihe River. The Canyon is bordered by beautiful peaks, decorated by corridors and bridges, dotted by connected ponds, and drained by winding streams.
 The command post during Liu Bocheng and Deng Xiaoping’s strategic shift to Dabie Mountain shows the tourists the hardship during the shift and the pains it took to win the revolution. The White Horse Temple is the sacred place for tourists to pray for blessing and purify their minds. Built high up the mountains, the breathtaking White Horse Plank Road commands the view of the mountains, which inspires lofty sentiments. The cable sliding arouses the highest of one’s passion and gives one the delight of integration of man and nature. Climb the slippery pulleys and you will feel combined with the heaven. Drifting in the river, you will enjoy the pleasure from the valleys. Eating dishes from the Hanging Pot, you are enjoying the folk culture. Light a campfire, and you will lose yourself to the enjoyment. Apart from these, there are Ten-Big-Bowl Dishes, Farmhouse Feast, Free Picking, Fishing, Lion Dances and so on. Nearly 30 programs as such will have tourists enjoy the hospitality of simple and honest people of Tiantangzhai. 
 The service in the area follows “Tourists First” principle, and the tenderization, personification are the first requirements, so that the sanitation in the area, and the supplement of merchandises will be kept satisfied for tourists. All the services related to dining, accommodation, traveling and purchase are better than any past moment. 
 The transportations in Tiantangzhai are convenient. It takes only 2.5 hours for you to drive on the Shanghai—Wuhan—Chengdu Expressway, from Hefei to the exit of Tiantangzhai. It takes 2 hours from Wuhan to Tiantangzhai. Another hour is in need to take a bus from the exit to the scenic spot. What’ more, the high-speed trains also sets a stop at Jinzhai County Town which is 40 km from the scenic spot. East or west, Tiantangzhai is the easiest for you to arrive at. 
 In order to build an AAAAA National Attraction, and to construct a tour resort of national fame, Tiantangzhai persists in the principle of “management and development alike, software and hardware the same”. And it betters itself in its own qualities and attractive images. At the same time, it betters its convenience and comfortableness, and improves its capability for accommodating tourists. It’s been performing her best to combine all the necessities related to tourism into one unity so as to attract more travelers to this “Last Primeval Forest in East China”.