Introduction to the Overhead Cable of Tiantangzhai

2012-5-30 Source:

 The Overhead Cable of Tiantangzhai was designed, constructed and installed by specialized units, which is located at the exit of upper station of the White Horse Grand Canyon across the valley till the White Horse Peak.
 The Overhead Cable of Tiantangzhai is a two-track loop cable; the vertical heights of the upper station and the lower station are 26 meters and 20 meters, respectively; spans, 250 meters and 350 meters, respectively. The Overhead Cable takes stayed tightwires as its tracks, and slides downward at a speed over 10 m/s under the gravity. The Cable goes between the blue sky and white clouds, flying over green seas of forests. You will feel relaxed and fancy-free to enjoy the clouds at hand, the whirling of wind to the ears. 
The designed capacity of the cable is 60 people/hour. Its security protectors are in sitting posture and made of foreign materials, with specially designed brakes and safety nets and sponge buffers to keep passengers safe absolutely.
 Taking the Overhead Cable of Tiantangzhai gives you passionate leap of stimulus and aesthetic feeling of incorporating into the nature. The Overhead Cable of Tiantangzhai is your best choice to exercise and strengthen your spirit and relax yourself.