Dong Yun Tiantangzhai

2012-4-26 Source:

If Chunjing tiantangzhai brilliant, cool throughout the summer, strong Autumn, winter does? Tiantangzhai winter is a picture of elegance and fine. Tiantangzhai follow into the snow, feet, "creak" sound like the beating of the notes. It's all over the front of Cedar Hill, tall and straight bold, different patterns, blooming with strong vitality; it's upside down ice, such as the sword, like crystal, the crystal through tick, graceful round. More spectacular build-up to a few from the Bing Bao, the mountain near its potential, hollow out a solid inside, piled silver-block, as if a splendid Crystal Palace, the sun and sometimes it will smear the colorful, dazzling eye-catching. Tiantangzhai snow to the interpretation of the colorful, elegant and holy. For hand brush off the road branches, a mass of snow falling into the Jingbo. Cold, a loud scream, tree Wensheng between the bird's habitat, and the movement of snow and gurgling streams, breaking the silence of winter tiantangzhai. Birds moving under the snow, do not hide in a timely manner, the snow melting in the body, the cool flow into the heart, a heart nameless intoxicated. Snow gave a little life in the winter of Tiantangzhai, some Aura; snow to the Tiantangzhai Zhuangban impressive, full of amenities. Winter in the northern part of the country, can feel the "ice-covered thousands of miles and miles Xuepiao" the magnificent landscape in Tiantangzhai tie to the nature of the martial art ghost ax, to better appreciate a Xingshenjianbei winter. Dong You Tiantangzhai, the Wangwang fire, boiling hot, it's delicious goods Prince, and that Syria could not finish the home, happy smile enough, all shows at home and the warmth of the longing for home . In the meantime, feel it! Touch a glass of local wine in a small crane, and then a taste of local products, the body is not cold, a warm heart, the home of a sense of Gengnong. Jiuzufanbao, Do not leave it a bit Tuhuo, smoked meat, pickled vegetables, edible fungus, dried bamboos and so on, these are local farmers can keep the New Year yo! Yes, the winter Tiantangzhai, folk drunk more thick, more simple folk, the winter tiantangzhai interpretation of a more emotional appeal