Into the mysterious Tiantangzhai

2012-4-26 Source:

Dabie Mountain is located in the hinterland of a large green and luxuriant full of mysterious forests, as she was a charming picture of the natural, slowly stretch in the depths of the mountains. If you are fortunate enough to enter this attractive picture of the King, would be surprised to find that many peaks here, with the water to Hill, mountain water to help, Fei Bao groups, but see gurgling streams and towering trees, clouds and wind around, hidden deep Unpredictable, like a fairyland. Tiantangzhai Pegasus is a national nature reserve to protect the natural core area, is embedded in the land of the West Anhui and a mysterious bright pearl, Dabie Mountain is a unique natural palace, is an original, old, Perfect green treasure, a highly value the development of the tourism virgin land. Territory with a total area of 120 square kilometers, the main peak of 1729.13 meters above sea level, one of the main peak for the Dabie Mountains, is Jianghuai watershed, "the high cloud cover over-Feng Xian Guan, who is from the obscure scenery," the immense momentum tiantangzhai "the plant kingdom , The animal park, the world's holy water, fog ocean, azaleas territory, the hometown of Wawa Yu "reputation. At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, for the anti-Yuan Cheng Lun cloudy in the Hill (Tiantangzhai peak) cottage built in the early, tiantangzhai named after Peng Ying Yuan Mo monk cloth and assembling a crowd to anti-trafficking Xu Hui Yuan tiantangzhai reconstruction