Tiantangzhai, the feeling of the moment

2012-4-26 Source:

Heaven is a place where people reverie. As a result, when the world heard that there is really a place called Paradise, not the first to want to visit in a fast and then. This is not a paradise Suzhou, Hangzhou, nor is it, but at Jinzhai County, Anhui Province, the Dabie Mountain area called Tiantangzhai. The day of 19:30, 30 ALICE pack a few large customers, the night journey of a thousand miles off the Dabie Mountains. To come here before the Internet about the investigation, Gu Cheng Tiantangzhai Mountain, also known as cloudy Hill, the Dabie Mountains is the second pulse peak, peak elevation of 1729.13 meters, Gu Cheng, "the first south-east of Wu-Chu Kwan." It ranked in the land of the West Anhui southwest border, the military will fight for ancient times, emperors of the Xunxing, famous throughout the board. Tang dynasty poet Li Qi, "Feng Shi Qinhuai more than 1,000 years, dare to come only from Yunshan," Du Mu late Tang Dynasty, "East Wangyunshan Rixi good," the Northern Song Dynasty poet Zhang, "North Korea made Yunshan pavilion-qi near" in the poem "cloud Mountain "refers to both the Hill. Peak has a natural Shitang, the south-west under the stones are natural Chung Longquan, Longjing foot of a mountain stream river, including several Longjing, known as "cloudy nine wells." Every time Tian Han, the locals take on the Longtan rain water, is very true. Zhai Jian Tong at the time of the day euphony to "paradise" Yu auspicious meaning, so named "Tiantangzhai." Tiantangzhai into the door, we can see that the clouds in the mountains in the distance, albeit not very clearly, to start up the mountain, but God had Piaoqi Yusi, attracted a large group of children selling plastic poncho with us. In the rain, a large group of people in colorful Gongyao climbing, back-top bag poncho to a Lao Gao Lao Gao, each of the ALICE like the back of a husband like that creep in slowly.