Ta Fang Tiantangzhai

2012-4-26 Source:

Anhui more famous. Huangshan in southern Anhui has long been known, and the West Anhui Tiantangzhai still seems to be "in possession of purdah did not know", many people have heard their names, and see until Yurong, also afraid of Brief Encounter. Tiantangzhai in Jinzhai County. Lu'an from more than 130 kilometers south-west, more winding road. Car winding through the mountains, although Man Shan did not see a rise of azaleas, which Congcong, a film in the shade between Chuk Ching Chung pure Yajie the winter jasmine, moist graceful cherry flower, and pretty bright The goose child pornography, they inadvertently wake up dormant mountains decorate a colorful, vibrant. Tiantangzhai National Forest Park from the door straight into the 7.5 kilometer, rising, followed by 5 Fei Bao, an average of about 100 meters wide, 4-8 meters. Ming thundering waterfall, cold pressing. Under the waterfall pools of rare animals Wawa Yu is a good growth in the waters. Fei Bao limelight, no similar: nine Fei Xie Ying waterfall down, four Diebao Health ups posture, silver screen such as the bow Baoshui practice, diarrhea-laid-ball waterfall, which has the top Jade Pool, for the Queen Mother and seven-to fairy Bathing the world. Shadow Falls is located in Kowloon and the spilled-waterfall, a huge rectangular stone was cut in half the fun, according to legend that Lu is the beginning of a sword cutting edge from a try, "Shi Jian Pi." Tiantangzhai scenic area of 120 square kilometers, divided into the landscape of water, mountains, rock, cloud, forest, six holes.