Tiantangzhai scenic Two-Day Tour

2012-4-26 Source:

D1 08:00 to scenic areas, sightseeing spots tiantangzhai white Grand Canyon 12:00 Banquet of the 10 Chinese farmers Bowl VIII 13:00 Wan ancient residential areas around 16:00 to watch 19:00 Wawa Yu hanging pot to eat dinner drink wine in 20 territories: 00 Folk Park bonfire party to rest 22:00

D2 07:00 Breakfast corn soup, rice, taro, the main characteristics side 7:30 into the area, a scenic tour group falls (nine video waterfall, waterfall Chui Lian, Yu Xie waterfall, etc.), Long Jian-Feng, Qu Yuan asked days, under the cable car Yu waterfall plunge to (bring their own food dry food) 17:00 free shopping, leisure 18:00 Dinner 19:00 free shopping 21:00 the next day prepared to return to rest