Tiantangzhai, Tianshui drifting Jian Two-Day Tour

2012-4-26 Source:

D1: early to Tiantangzhai Mountain, in the postprandial tour Tiantangzhai cool Canyon - Grand Canyon white spots (Run 4 hours): Prancing Horse Bridge, Han River to listen to lying, stone turtle life, 10 per cent of longan, Valentine's Island, and Tianwan Castle, Kowloon, and so on Lake Union, the average temperature of 23 º C Canyon Xiushui close contact with the cool, cool summer and experience the joy! Tiantangzhai car in the afternoon to participate in the drift: in the landscape of passion between surfing and enjoy the breathtaking bring happiness! Tiantangzhai places

D2: natural sleep wake up, breakfast East tour after the last piece of virgin forest - Zhaizhu scenic Paradise (Run 6 hours): Nine video waterfall, waterfall Silver Bow, Valentine's waterfall, Long Jianfeng, the peak viewing, Stone Buddha, Lin promenade, and so on, in the forest over the forest path along the cliff and falls embracing group, to enjoy all the way Huan Chang's falls caused by cool summer, high mountains and enjoy the fun at the Fengqing meaning, a humble bird's eye view of the magnificent land of Jianghuai picture. Meal in return, the end of a pleasant trip!